Not many buyers for Kunda this time

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The sweet shops in Kunda Nagri, Belgaum made sales of roughly 2500 kgs of Kunda alone during the 2 days (10-11 Oct). In 2009 the sales were about 6000 Kgs during the 9 day session and about 2000 kgs in the session held in 2006 in Kunda Nagri Belgaum. Withe the current price of around Rs.240 to 260 per kg.

During the Vishwa Kannada Sammelana the total sales were about 3000 Kgs. Atul Purohit told this blog, the sales were very disappointing this time. RajK Purohit of Camp Purohit Sweets also made the same point. Santosh Purohit of Kalyani Sweets said that this time the regular sales was also not there in the two days in question and it was totally disappointing.

After Kunda, Kardant, another specialty of Belgaum (Gokak) made of jaggery, recorded extraordinary sales during the past two days.

This time around the sales were not more many roads were closed and people could not come in large numbers to the city.

Also on earlier occasions as the session was held within city limits there were lot of people going around shopping other stuff as well which was not seen this time during the last two days, said a businessman. 

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