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Now a cradle for abandoned babies at Belagavi Railway station

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Offering a solution to hapless parents who are unable to bring up their newborns and thanks to MoSR Suresh Angadi a cradle has been put at near the General Waiting hall where the parents to give unwanted baby girls anonymously, saving them from possible death in a region where daughters are seen as a burden and where their murder is a common reality.

The cradle has been set up with the help of the Swami Vivekananda Seva Prathisthan, special Adoptive Agency Amulya, Nyaya Marg, Subhash Nagar Belagavi.

Often babies are found in ditches and garbage pits. Some are alive, others are dead. This cradle wold just help to save those lives.

cradle-belagavicradle-belagaviThe abandonment of infants, especially girls, is a story that’s not too uncommon in India, a country where preference for the male child is quite socially entrenched. Each Specialised Adoption Agency (SAA), which is mandated by CARA to set up these cradle reception centres, are supposed to install a cradle at their doorstep to receive such babies.


1 thought on “Now a cradle for abandoned babies at Belagavi Railway station”

  1. Dear Lord have mercy.
    I didn’t even know Belgaum had this problem. And it’s this severe that this set up is needed?
    And then I read baby GIRLS. I go back to the comment I left on the article published on this site regarding how to make Belgaum safe/r for women.
    I sincerely hope this stops. Rather than the usual of it being ignored and swept under Bharats rug.

    Stay blessed people ?


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