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Now reach Belagavi early by 20653 Bengaluru Belagavi Express

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By uday

Bengaluru – Belagavi Super Fast Express train departs from Bengaluru at approximately 9 pm every night and arrives at Hubli around 3.30 am the following day. However now the same has been revised and one can reach Belagavi as early as 6.45 AM but with effect from 21/03/2024. So as of now the train will make its unwanted one-hour halt at Hubballi.

However, starting from October 1, this train was halted at Hubli for one hour, causing delays in reaching Belagavi. Additionally, the train makes brief stops at Londa and Khanapur for 10-15 minutes along the way.

Now with the CHANGE IN TIMINGS: A Competent Authority has approved for speeding up and revision in timings of the TN-20653 SBC-BGM EXP W.E.F 21.03.2024. Details of timings are as under.

KSR Bengaluru departure at 2100 and arrival at Belagavi at 0645. The earlier official time of arrival was 0735.

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4 thoughts on “Now reach Belagavi early by 20653 Bengaluru Belagavi Express”

  1. Sir
    Good morning
    Here I am commenting about Vande Bharat Express, which is on trial run. Is it possible to reach 9 pm return journey from Belgium to Bangalore. Which most convenient for persons who have to reach their home staying too far from Railway stations. This I have seen in many cases. They opt for Jana Shatabdi which starts from Hubli. I hope you thi k over the matter. Ok
    G P Kulkarni

  2. The day Mr Angadi (MOS Railways) expired, this train value was finished, why wait for 5 months to exempt a train from halting ina station for 1 hr unnecessarily. Hubli is division for South central railways and to implement a decision it takes 5 months… What a pity


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