Now, what is preventing the Vande Bharat from reaching Belagavi?

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After a successful trial of the Vande Bharat Train from Bengaluru to Belagavi, it was expected that the train would commence during the winter session.

However, this did not happen, and some necessary maintenance infrastructure, such as OHE at the pit line and watering service, was built at Belagavi station.

Currently, a Vande Bharat train leaving Bengaluru in the morning can reach Dharwad within 5-6 hours. The return journey to Bangalore takes about 6 hours, with an additional hour for maintenance. However, if the Vande Bharat train is extended to Belgaum, the total travel time in a day would increase to 17-18 hours. This would not serve the purpose of the Vande Bharat train. In light of this, a senior official from the South Western Railway Department stated that it is difficult to start the Vande Bharat train service on the existing railway line between Bangalore and Belagavi.

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This statement from the officer seems peculiar, as Vande Bharat trains are running for the same duration at many other locations.

Therefore, it raises the question of who and why someone is preventing the Vande Bharat from reaching Belagavi.

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  1. After having all infrastructure and being second capital of karnataka why everything goes to hubli dharwad…shame on politicians of belagavi who only want their prosperity but not of the city from where they are elected.


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