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Only one Aadhar centre for Belagavi? Why

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Citizens are being made to wait for hours together for the Aadhar card in Belagavi as only one centre is operational at the Home Guards office in Vishveshwaraya Nagar Belagavi. 

Aadhar card center in Belagavi
Aadhar card center in Belagavi

The Aadhaar card centres need to open at 8 AM but the officers incharge are never on time and sometimes come even at 11.

People queue up from 6am to get the forms but due to agent raj, not all get forms.
A senior citizen who wanted the Aadhar card made said we have no other option but stand in the queue from 8 AM and get our work done. Also some agents have sprouted and collect fees for the form which is free.

Earlier there were many Aadhar card centres but as only one centre is operational all the citizens are forced to go there and have to face lot of inconveniences.

It seems no one is interested in solving the issues. The Aam Aadmi is treated worse than an animal. Isn’t the District administration in-charge to look into this matter and make it easy for citizens to get the Aadhar card.
The people will have to unite and shout and hope the voice falls on ears which can act.

6 thoughts on “Only one Aadhar centre for Belagavi? Why”

  1. You Guys should attack DC office sit on demonstrating in front of his office.
    Send memorandum to DC, CM & PM and call media to propagate this issues across country.

    In fact DC is responsible for ensuring all needy schemes are reaching the needy one. he should monitor.

    You can visit PM website put your complaints with photos and responsible persons.

  2. Why they did not queue up when so many centres were operational, Its citizens fault when they are pressed hard only they act and blame Government. Always blaming government is not acceptable.

    • It seems u have not visited the adhaar center at Kala Mandir in Tilakwadi which was closed for most of the time in year 2014. For such thing whom to blame..

  3. This center is right in front of high ranking I A S officer who has no time to glance at the center to know the pathetic arrangement of issuing adhaar card.
    At least now the center people must wake up or the AAP like party will come make their days MEMORABLE (!)
    Wake up dist administration….

  4. Why can’t we have 10 centers open as it could clear up the rush. And later as there would be no one to register let there be one one or two centers for the convenience of the people. But again who cares people’s convenience it is all as per their will and wish. If any authority is listening to people’s cry or reading this please make things easy for people.


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