One dead 3 injured in Shop collapse in Belagavi

About 6 shops built on Drain collapsed in Belagavi
About 6 shops built on Drain collapsed in Belagavi

About 6 Shops on Nala(Storm water drain) near St Mary’s on Shivaji road collapsed at about 1.45 am on Thrusday. One person was killed and 3 injured. The shops were built by the City corporation but the shop owners had modified the structure which might have caused the collapse experts feel.

The hotel Mirchi Cola is one amongst the shops which has collapsed. The Shops were built on a storm water drain and even a multi storey structure was built on the slab of the drain which collapsed today.

The shops built on 3000 sq feet were built in 2006. The deceased a worker of the hotel who had come out of the hotel went back to take his belongings and got trapped. The hotel had made a make shift tin roof shed as a restaurant.



  1. This happened only because Bgm coprn/Cantonment negligence, and already 20 days passed that road work is totally stopped.



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