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Original minutes record file goes Missing from Belagavi City Corporation

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By uday

The general meeting held yesterday at the Belagavi City Corporation was notably more chaotic and active than previous ones. Concerns were raised regarding the disappearance of the original file containing the recorded minutes from the meeting held on September 16th regarding the Property tax.

District Guardian Minister Satish Jarkiholi took the issue of record tampering within the Belagavi City Corporation seriously. In an effort to resolve the matter, all Saturday programs were canceled and Minister Jarkiholi and his team set up camp at the corporation.

Later that evening, the police were summoned to the Belagavi City Corporation to review the CCTV footage and conduct a search for the missing original minutes. Additionally, Municipal Council Secretary Uma Betgeri and council department employees were summoned.

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Minister Jarkiholi attended the meeting and remained at the corporation in the evening to engage in discussions with the Commissioner and other officials. Realizing that the ruling group would face consequences if the original minutes were discovered, Minister Jarkiholi ordered a police investigation. Consequently, a complaint will be filed at the market police station regarding this matter.

The minister stated that they have been instructed to file a complaint with the police against the council secretary and the council department for altering the minutes and misplacing the original copy. The truth will be revealed through the police investigation.

During the discussion with officials at the Belagavi City Corporation, Guardian Minister Satish Jarkiholi, along with MLA Raju Seth and others, received accurate information about the whereabouts of the minutes from the council department. The council secretary continued to inquire about the location of the original minutes signed by Mayor Shobha Somanache from the meeting on September 16th until late into the night.

The minister also said a decision was reached to draft a letter urging the government to conduct a thorough investigation into the various irregularities and instances of corruption that have occurred within the corporation and smart city projects in the past.

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