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Rivot Motors Belagavi Unveils the RIVOT NX100: World’s First Electric Scooter with Upgradeable Range – Price Revealed

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RIVOT, a rising star in the electric mobility sector, proudly unveils the RIVOT NX100 – an electric scooter designed to revolutionize Indian transportation. With many cutting-edge features, RIVOT sets a new standard for electric vehicles in India. Taking forward the ‘Make in India’ initiative The RIVOT NX100 is entirely manufactured in Belagavi. The ES starts at a base price of Rs. 89,000 (ex-showroom).

The RIVOT NX100 sets a new benchmark as the only electric scooter to complete the demanding Belagavi to Bengaluru journey on a single charge (post the initial charge-up), covering approximately 545 kilometers. It is the world’s first electric vehicle offering an upgradeable range. It starts with a 100KM model and buyers can expand it to 300KM as their needs evolve. Buyers can pay the difference and get an update on their vehicle.

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The vehicle’s specialized LiMFP battery chemistry ensures optimal performance in India’s varying temperature conditions, the battery chemistry is especially engineered for Indian temperature conditions. They have special variants to serve customers looking for high-power bikes and those looking for off-roading. The unique motor developed by the team by combining IPMSM and SynRM technology gets the best of both worlds, high torque at low and high RPM, unlike IPMSM which only gives at low RPM and SynRM at high RPM. With the RIVOT NX100’s enclosed belt drive, the powertrain is protected from everything the Indian roads throw at it.

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Commenting on the same, Founder CEO Ajit Patil stated “RIVOT’s mission is to transform the way people think about electric mobility in India. We believe in innovation, adaptability, and quality, and the RIVOT NX100 embodies these values. We are proud to contribute to India’s sustainable transportation future.”

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With 3 variants, RIVOT’s motor inverter technology delivers exceptional energy efficiency with a range of 55-60 kilometers per kilowatt-hour (KWh). RIVOT’s commitment to innovation and quality and its emphasis on local manufacturing make the RIVOT NX100 a game-changer in Indian electric mobility.

The RIVOT NX100 will be available in five exciting variants: Classic, Premium, Elite, Sports and Offlander each catering to different rider preferences and requirements.

– Real Range: 100 Km – Top Speed: 100 Kmph – Battery Pack: 1920 Wh – Combi Brake System – recoEngine – Reverse Gear – 7.84″ Segment Display – Steel Tyre RIM – LED Projector Headlights – 750W Portable charger – 90/90 12 Front and Rear Tubeless Tires Ex-showroom price – Rs. 89,000– Real Range: 200 Km – Top Speed: 100 Kmph – Battery Pack: 3840 Wh – Everything in Classic, plus: – rideOS 3.1 – Center Stand – phoneLock – Boost – 7.84″ Touchscreen with 4G Internet, Multimedia & Navigation – Alloy Wheels – 1000W On-Board Charger – Dynamic Rider Profiling – 100/80 12 Front and 110/70 12 Rear Tubeless Tires Ex-showroom price – Rs. 1, 29,000
– Real Range: 200 Km – Top Speed: 100 Kmph – Battery Pack: 5760 Wh – Everything in Premium, plus: – APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) – rideCam – comfortKey – Lady Foot Rest – comfortBoot – rollProtect – Cruise Control – TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)

Ex-showroom price – Rs. 1,59,000
Real Range: 200 Km – Top Speed: 100 Kmph – Battery Pack: 3840 Wh – Everything in Premium, plus: – rideCam – Proximity Unlock – Race Track Theme – rollProtect – comfortBoot – comfortKey

Ex-showroom price – Rs. 1,39,000
– Real Range: 300 Km – Top Speed: 100 Kmph – Battery Pack: 5760 Wh – Everything in Elite, plus: – Up to 300KM Real Range (upgradable to 500KM) – Off-Road Theme – ComfortBoot – Rugged Ready Protection Cage – Off-Road Tires Ex-showroom price – Rs. 1,89,000

About RIVOT Motors: RIVOT is an electric vehicle development start-up dedicated to delivering innovative, sustainable, and adaptable mobility solutions. Headquartered in Belagavi, Karnataka, India, RIVOT’s mission is to revolutionize the way people move by creating electric vehicles that are efficient, dependable, and environmentally conscious. Rivot Motors has won the Nidhi Prayas grant from the government of India and also won the Karnataka Elevate grant from the government of Karnataka. They are also recipients of the Prestigious IETE (Institute of Electronics and Telecom Engineers) award.


About the founder: RIVOT Motors is Ajit Patil’s 3rd startup from the City of Belagavi, the other two (FAAST and Outofbox Cloud) turned profitable almost immediately from the date of its incorporation. He has worked in the IT industry across the globe for close to a decade and a half. He resigned and returned to his hometown Belagavi with the intention of giving something back to the city and addressing some teething issues with respect to technology adoption in the city.

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