Parents of Rape accused of Kadoli arrested for trying to murder the survivor

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The father and mother accused Sunil Baynaik, Balu and Shanta Baynaik were arrested for trying to murder the minor rape survivor.

It may be recalled that a six-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a 26-year-old man Sunil Balu Baynaik at Kadoli near Belagavi on 11-12-19 evening.

The husband and wife abducted the girl taking treatment from the Civil hospital and tried to Strangulate her and left her on the service road near Hotel Marriot as per the complaint of the father of the survivor.

The mother was arrested by the Kakti police on 14-12-19 and the absconding father of the accused Balu was arrested today morning.
Both have been produced in court.

rape-accused kadoli
Rape accused Sunil

4 thoughts on “Parents of Rape accused of Kadoli arrested for trying to murder the survivor”

  1. I may be alone with my mindset/opinion but I don’t support the idea of normal people taking justice into their own hands and becoming judge jury and executioner. I believe that’s one of the things that separate us from animals. But these people are making it really difficult for like minded people to adhere to that belief.

  2. Have they lost it. That’s ur kid damn it. She’s innocent. They will ruin her life if they carry such a mentality.Someone please good to them help them understand it’s not that kids fault. Educated her treat her just like other normal kids. That poor dear must be in trauma. Get her life balanced back to colors. Please for God don’t do such evil. That poor doesn’t even know the world is filled with evil.Please help her to get back life


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