Stone pelting after CAA protest in Belagavi


Unidentified persons have pelted stones on NWKRTC bus near Sangolli Rayanna circle. Also a car and few shops were also pelted stones.

It is not clear who pelted the stones.


Earlier in the day Protest march held in Belagavi against Citizenship Amendment Act -CAA, NRC.

The protest began from the fort and culminated at the DC office.
Do not just forward anything on social media and be sure what you are forwarding. The police have also stepped up their vigilance looking at hate mongers and rumor mongers who use social media.



  1. Editor can you please post an article onto what CAA and NCR is here and all your social media forums. to create awareness among people. I don’t understand as to why is their no transparency from government as to what’s documented as act. There would no such atmosphere created. Please don’t harm living/non-living or yourself. I hope the Government is not diversifying based on religion. We are a secular country and its in our blood. Please respect every #ReligionNHumanity. Government u wanna get in the minority please got ahead and do keep in mind that u do no harm to the existing citizens/life/property. We are matured please act maturely. I pray to the Almighty as be all belong to him, his religion/life is harmed.


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