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PARK (Fight)-ing Lot

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jain3This place had turned into an everyday ‘fight’ spot! Shocked?

And this Fighting spot was the parking lot of Jain College of Engineering, which had turned out to be an everyday fight spot between the students and the security.
Due to the ongoing construction work there was no proper parking lot in the college. The parking space was an open area, where in the students and faculties used to park their vehicles randomly. The students used to have fights daily with the security guards.
The problem was, what is required to be done to solve this issue.
Jayesh, an active LEAder of LEAD (LEaders Accelerating Development) Cell Jain College of Engineering, planned to provide a solution for this problem. jain2
He, along with his team, planned to utilize that open area and make it a proper parking lot so that henceforth there will be no disputes for the sake of parking. The LEADers gathered in a group of more than 20 and started collecting pieces of stones which were unused at the construction site of the college. Then they marked the parking area with limestone and placed the stones around the markings. The students did this work without informing the principal and not even the security. The next day when the principal, faculty and rest of the students entered the college, they were surprised to see a brand new parking lot ready for the vehicles to be parked. Even the security were shocked to see the parking lot been made ready and NO fights happening!

The LEADers had taken this task to be accomplished a day before, started with the work by 5 ‘o clock in the evening and finished by 10 ‘o clock in the night. The next day was a surprising and a shocking one for many people in the college, the principal, the faculty, the students and the security! They were amazed by the work by the work done by the students and were also happy for their work. The principal and the faculty appreciated the work of the students while the security thanked them.

The students were also happy after the activity, and they say it was a wonderful experience for them in unleashing the hidden LEADership Potential among them!

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