Shell out Rs.10 for parking near Big Bazaar Belgaum

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parkingbbBELGAUM: Shivanand Itagi shared his experience about the new pay and park scheme started by the city corporation at Angol Cross opposite Big Bazaar.

When Shivnanad parked his two wheeler a fellow runs upto him and hands over a receipt on which City Corporation Belgaum is mentioned and he demands Rs.10 as parking fee.
When asked Why Rs.10 and for how much time, the person incharge said “This is for 24 hours”.
This is amazing that public pay and park schemes are allowed to charge parking for 24 hours, normally the time slot is 2-4 hours. Another amazing answer was Rs.10 for both two wheeler and 4 wheeler.

We are aware that a Tender was floated by the Belgaum city corporation for pay parking at this spot. But , the contractor should by law put a board at the designated parking area mentioning the contract start/end date, rate for each vehicle, area allotted and the contractor’s name/contact number.
But nothing of this sort was seen in the parking lot nor on the receipt issued.
The receipt issued does not have any mention of contractor just mentions “ Belgaum city Corporation” which is again flouting the rules. If the corporation employees are collecting such fees this receipt would have made sense but here it is a contractor but we dont know who and how much he is authorized to collect.

The latest Public disclosure statement on the Corporation’s website for 2011-12 mentions that city has only one parking lot at Bapat Galli, Belgaum. Where Rs.5 per 3 hours and for Four Wheeler Rs.10 per 3 hours is charged.

Above all this the parking is causing traffic issues and under Section 442 of the Karnataka Municipal Corporations (KMC) Act 1976, a penalty can be levied for parking vehicles haphazardly on public streets,”

Even the BBMP prescribes Rs 5 for the first two hours, Rs 10 for between two and four hours and Rs 15 for over four hours of parking in Bangalore.


Some questions each citizen should ask while he is asked to pay:

The Contractors details- who knows whether he actually posses the contract or no, anyone could print such receipts and start collecting parking fees.

Why doesn’t the City Corporation make the parking fees public by issuing advertisements in all papers, so that public at large is aware of the same.

So the next time you are asked to pay ask the contractor hard questions or deny paying the fee.


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  1. corrupt, irrresponsible officials even parking fees being collected outside railway station and at reservation counter too.. is any body der to look into dis issues..

  2. There should be no parking fees to be charged to the customers who come to shop at any shopping malls as its shopping malls responsbility to provide parkingspace free for the customers who come to shopping.This is illegal what they are charging now


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