Parking loot even at Central bus stand

Parking lot with hundreds of vehicles at Belgaum CBT

The Pudhari today has reported that the parking fees charged for 2 wheelers and four wheelers at the Central bus stand are officially Rs.8 for 24 hours for bikes and Rs. 15 for 24 hours. But the contractors there are charging the citizens Rs.10 for 12 hours which means Rs.20 for 24 hours which is more than 100%.

In case of cars one is charged 45 for 24 hours.

The loot is going on from many days and no one is aware of the actual fee to be paid. The NWKRTC must put up a board with the parking fee mentioned along with the name of the contractor which according to law is compulsory.

But in this case no one is interested in looking at this part and the citizens are being looted.

Similar incidents were already reported here of Bapat galli car parking.
The authorities must look into this issue seriously. 


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  1. even though in ramlingkind galli car parking is also charging Rs. 20 for only 4 hours, ??
    Rs. 150/- for per night ??
    is it official ??

  2. there is also loot happening in parking at BIG BAZAR where they are charging 5 rupees and there is no proper parking space no guard and its all dirty in and around that space just because Big bazar has started and people visiting it they started collecting money before they had nothing ….. How can that be a paid parking space…and we are not sure also whether the money collected is going to city corporation or no……BUT i would feel how much ever we raise voice there is no change here…. 🙁


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