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Paver Bhagya for Bapat Galli Car Parking

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The one and only official (working) car Parking in the heart of the City Bapat Galli Car Parking managed by the City Corporation which was in dire state, will now be pavered.

Yes! At last, its Paver Bhagya if we may so call it, as the tar had been washed away and there were some huge potholes in the car park itself.

Now many would say, Hey there was to be a multi-level car park here Right? Oh yes it was, which was envisaged 13 years ago but could not be started due to various reasons.

In 2017 a contract was awarded to Bell Fluid Mumbai but it backed out of the contract for the 4.7 crores for the Hydraulic System Multi-Level Car Parking system.

bapat-gali-car-parkIn 2018 another modified plan was made but that too was scrapped and since then the only car parking was in a dire state.

Now with the Pavering hopefully the car owners will have some ease in parking and also that a few more cars would fit in as some space is gone as a public toilet was constructed.

The contract is been given to NS Chougule and would be completed in 8 days and until then the said parking would be closed partially. 

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