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White Topping work commenced from Ashoka Circle to Gogte Circle

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The White Topping of the road from Ashoka Circle to Gogte Circle was commenced today by MLA Anil Benake in the presence of MoS Railways Suresh Angadi.

The 4.7 km stretch will be white-topped (concrete) commencing from Ashoka Circle, Sangolli Rayana Circle, Kittur Rani Chennamma Circle, Dharmveer Sambhaji Maharaj Circle up to Gogte Circle.

The contract has been awarded to DEVINDRAPPAGOUDA BIRADAR ( KKB ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED for Rs. 383934751.04 (Thirty-Eight Crore+).

The time required for the completion will be 12 months.

ashoka-circle-whitetopThe entire stretch of road will have a Footpath, Cycle track and as new parking slots at designated places all across the stretch.
Like at one place space has been allocated for
2 Wheeler – 5 Nos, 4 Wheeler 1 Nos, Cycle 5 Nos & Auto 3 Nos. This will keep varying depending on the space available on the entire stretch of the road.

Due to this work, there will traffic diversion in place as all heavy vehicles would be diverted from Globe Circle.

4 thoughts on “White Topping work commenced from Ashoka Circle to Gogte Circle”

  1. First complete the one done at congress road, rods are still protruding from the sides, no footpath done yet. The sides remain dangerously incomplete !

  2. It’s good to know.. But I hope all the necessary planning is been though of for trenches and tunnels for cable pulling of internet, Hescom, Telecom, waterline, sewage drainage line , rainwater drain system avoid digging and damaging the newly built roads which will further deteoriate the road.
    AAB requesting you to please highlight this issue…


  3. This is utter foolishness. First complete all white topping works which are under progress. Still not a single work is complete. Instead this is v v busy road if u take up entire strech once u will make it hell. Plz dont start work of this strech till majority of works complete.


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