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Police at your finger tips with a new App

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Karnataka Police comes closer to the public through its Karnataka State Police App. This unique initiative will make sure your grievances are heard immediately and resolved.

The new Karnataka State Police app has included this vital feature and a few others to help policemen in the state. This included the ability to download FIRs, enter the details of stolen vehicles, and locate contact details for any police officer in the state.


The SOS panic button when used sends out alerts not only to the control room but also to a set of chosen contacts, with your location. The app uses GPS to show the nearest police station and the jurisdictional police station at any point where you are, to come in handy in emergency situations.

Key features of the app Karnataka State Police (Official)

  • SOS panic button
  • Option to report incident with photo and video clip
  • Section for missing people
  • Database search for stolen vehicles

In a bid to make themselves more accessible to citizens, the Karnataka State Police has released an official mobile application for Android and iOS.

Users of the app will also be able to locate their nearest police station, report non-emergency incidents directly through the app and also attach images. They can also look at the details of all missing persons in Karnataka.

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3 thoughts on “Police at your finger tips with a new App”

  1. Before that ask them to control traffic it is horrible in Belgavi No police is available at important places in city take stringent action against public automatic they will improve just don’t take action for personal benefits

  2. On Positive note it is a welcome sign; however, in India People are more scared of police than any criminals. A very sorry state which i pray should change ASAP.

  3. Well done Karnataka Police.
    The Option to report incident with photo and video clip – this should help to report Crime better.
    SOS panic button – very useful for woman.


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