Police book 110 Autos for not using meters


The office of the commissioner of police has booked 110 auto rickshaws on Wednesday for not using meters and has sought more information in this regard on Social media to help them initiate further action.
In another incident Shridhar Kulkarni called up the police and within 20 mins the auto was fined.

Police checking the Auto Meters at Belagavi
File Photo

Shirdhar wanted to go from Hanuman Nagar to CBT and Auto claimed Rs.120/-. He bargained to take 70/- and auto driver said it was a decade ago that he charged 70. When he asked to put the meter, the driver The rule is not implemented as yet. Shridhar called up 100 and lodged a complaint. North Traffic police took cognisance in 2mins got back call from station. In next 20mins police came and seized auto.



  1. We welcome the prompt action taken by the Traffic Police. It is important that such swift action is continued for the benefit of the general public and betterment of the city of Belgaum. Thanks to the Complainant, Police and the Media also. Let us keep the good work.

  2. It’s very good initiative taken by the police department. Kudos to the Police for acting on the culprits so quickly. The general public should also report any incidents related to the Auto Meters to the Police without fail.

    Ache Din aane waale hain.

  3. Citizens should be more active now. Police is doing their job, We should highlight each and every incidence than only it will be taken forward.

  4. Good job by the Traffic Police to act so soon to the complaint. If they can keep this thing up for some time. The Meter rule will surely come into force and which will help the common man at large. Please keep going.

  5. Also immplement the rule of keep the door of auto transperent, currently they are black and everything inside the auto is hidden and not good for public transport vechiles.

  6. Good to see, thank you to police for the immediate action and also to the person who complained about the incident.


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