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Residents of Bhagyanagar 9th Cross demand civic facilities

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The Residents of Bhagyanagar 9th Cross, Scheme No. 12, Sector No. 3, and adjoining areas are leading a miserable life in absence of proper civic amenities for last one decade even when all these plots are BUDA Plots.

Absence of proper drainage system and absence of roads has forced the area people to come out on streets but, as usual they were given false assurances. Unfortunately, grievances of residents is yet to seek attention of Belagavi Corporation Mayor, Ward Corporator & authorities concerned as they kept on informing ward corporator to lay down proper drainage system.bhagya-nagar

There is no drainage facility due to which the residents have given the drainage outlet to a land just in front of their houses, due to which the drainage water is getting dumped and lot of mosquitoes are breeding.

In these areas where drainage and sanitation are poor, water runs over the ground during rainstorms, picks up faeces and contaminates water sources. This contributes significantly to the spread of diseases such as typhoid and cholera, and may increase the likelihood of contracting worm infections from soil contaminated by faeces.
They are facing huge problems and sometimes the pigs in groups attack small children and several such incidents have happened earlier. In rainy season, it will be very difficult for people to drive in this kind of muddy roads.

Inspite of informing the corporator who also happens to be the Mayor of Belagavi several times, no proper action has been taken. The concerned Authorities, the corporator & City Mayor should take strict action and do all the necessary requirements for the ward. Local area Residents feel that though they have BUDA plots and pay taxes in time, there is no proper road and drainage facility.

7 thoughts on “Residents of Bhagyanagar 9th Cross demand civic facilities”

  1. yes bhagynagar and krishi colony are not keenly taken care of, infact the beloved Mayor s house is in vicinity but no use, proper boards and name of the crosses are not displayed in this area the visitors get confused and find it difficult to reach the desired place, cleanliness is not upto to the mark

  2. Corporator sainak where are you sir ??? Come to talk to the residents of Bhagyanagar 9th Cross .. There are lot of issues .

  3. There is no drainage in Bhagyanagar 9th Cross . Bad smell is there in the area . Lot of pigs are there … The ward is filled with the dirt .

  4. There is no road facility near Bhagyanagar 9th Cross . In rainy season age old people will fall and lot of vehicles skid . mayor should see the place once


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