Police conduct Last Rites as Children Abroad Refuse to Attend

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In a heartbreaking incident that transpired in the village of Nagaramunavalli, situated within the Chikkodi taluk of the Belagavi district, a retired bank manager named Moolchandra Sharma (72) was laid to rest by the authorities after a series of unfortunate events. This deeply saddening episode unfolded due to the decision of his children, who occupy esteemed positions abroad, to remain aloof from their father’s final journey.

In a poignant and heartrending turn of events, the police have been called upon to conduct the last rites of a beloved parent as their children, living abroad, are unable or unwilling to attend. The scenario sheds light on the complexities of modern families, geographic distances, and the emotional toll that separation can take, especially during times of loss. This article delves into the evolving dynamics of family relationships, the challenges faced by global citizens, and the significance of physical presence during times of grief.

Moolchandra Sharma had dedicated his entire professional life to relentless work, ensuring that his children were provided with the finest possible education. Both of his offspring have now established themselves in prominent roles in foreign nations. Despite his unswerving endeavors to secure a quality education and a comfortable life for them, his daughter residing in Canada and his son settled in South Africa chose not to participate in their father’s last rites.

Following a debilitating stroke, Moolchandra sought medical attention in Nagaramunavalli. He was entrusted to the care of a contract worker employed by the family, who heartlessly abandoned him at a lodge in Nagaramunavalli once the contract had expired. Left to fend for himself, the elderly man found himself isolated and vulnerable.

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Thankfully, the local residents, recognizing the gravity of the situation, promptly alerted the police. Chikkodi PSI Basagowda Nerli swiftly arrived at the scene, extending assistance to Moolchandra. He received immediate medical attention at a public hospital and was later transferred to the Belagavi District Hospital for further treatment. Despite the best efforts of the medical professionals, Moolchandra’s health deteriorated, leading to his unfortunate demise.

Efforts were made by the police to contact Moolchandra’s daughter through a WhatsApp call, only to encounter an unexpectedly harsh response. She vehemently expressed her lack of emotional attachment to her father and adamantly declined any involvement in the funeral arrangements. Shockingly, she even remarked, “He was my father then, not now. If you can, perform the last rites, or simply dispose of the body.”

In the absence of his children and close relatives, the police admirably took charge to ensure that Moolchandra received a respectable farewell. The local community has praised the police for their empathy and resolute dedication to the well-being of the elderly. Meanwhile, they have expressed their dismay and disbelief at the indifference exhibited by Moolchandra’s children.

The Changing Landscape of Family Bonds: Traditionally, families have been tightly-knit units that provide emotional support and physical presence during critical moments. However, in an increasingly interconnected world, the dynamics of family bonds are evolving. Globalization has led to individuals and families scattering across different continents in search of better opportunities, education, and experiences. As a result, maintaining close relationships across vast distances has become both a privilege and a challenge.

The image of police and the community conducting last rites for a parent while their children are abroad encapsulates the emotional complexities of our modern world. It underscores the need to strike a balance between pursuing individual aspirations and honoring the timeless bonds of family. While physical distances might challenge us, the emotional ties that bind families together remain unbreakable. This heartrending scenario serves as a call to cherish, prioritize, and nurture these connections, even in an age where physical presence is often a luxury.

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  1. Its just matter of time, when their own children’s will do the same to these pathetic children’s. God shall and will punish these kind of heartless souls in this world and hear after.


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