Phadeppa Dareppa Chaugule Belagavi’s Olympic hero

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This is a rare photo of the first Olympic team of India. P.D.Chaugule is sitting on the right!

Phadeppa (Pavananjey) Dareppa Chaugule was India’s first Olympic marathon runner. He represented India in the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium and finished 19th with a timing of 2 hours 50 minutes 45.2 seconds. He hails from the town of Belgaum (Now Belagavi) in Karnataka. Phadeppa-Dareppa-Chaugule Phadeppa-Dareppa-Chaugule

It was Exactly 92 years ago, India made its entry into Olympics. P.D.Chaugule participated in the Marathon at the 1920 Antwerp, Belgium Olympics on 22nd August and finished 19th. It was just one run for him but a great milestone for India!
He was born in 1902 in to a Jain farmer family from Sheri Galli. He used to practice for the marathon by running bare footed from Belgaum to Khanapur.   He expired in 1952.

Chaugule did not finish 10,000 metres ; In the marathon he was 19th in 2 hours 50:45.4 and awarded a diploma of merit for being a top 30 finisher.

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  1. Very Nice of AllaboutBelgaum to post article on Sri Chougule. PROUD Feel. Can you continue the initiative to also find other such Sports heroes of Belgaum and write about them – Sri Bandu Patil, Hockey, Sri Uma Shetty Badminton, Sri Shirish Gogte, Badminton,are few people i know. Their Photos should be displayed prominently, and if possible bust statues of deceased sportspersons. I request other Belgaumites to come out with other names. pl pl pl. Editor All about Belgaum, pl mark one field for eminent personalities of Belgaum. Pl start one oneline campaign to bring to limelight all sportspersons of Belgaum.

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  4. We staying in Belgaum was unknown of this Olympic Marathon Hero Thanks to AAB for sharing such a valuable information Keep It Up…


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