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Postman tries to encash insurance claim cheque of 17 lakhs in collusion

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The Pathan family was in deep grief after death of the bread earner Irfan in Dammam, Saudi Arabia recently.

They had lost the hope of living, his wife Sahista and daughter were somehow trying to come to terms with the harsh realities of life. They knew that he had insurance but the cheque never came to them and Sahista’s father Yusuf Badshah Inamdar followed it up with the authorities in Saudi Arabia and then he was shocked to know that TWO cheque’s of Rs.8.5 Lakhs were sent to her address via Post.
They did try to follow it up with the Head post office Belagavi but all their efforts went in vain and then and they approached the Past presidents forum of Belgaum Chamber and the postal Forum who were shaken by hearing their apathy. They also allege that the postman threatened them not to complain to anyone.

They went to the Post office and did a through scrutiny and it was found that the cheque was received at Belagavi post office on June 24 and the same was collected by forged signature by a postman in collusion with some of the family members.

After meeting the Head post master and getting this to his notice and due diligence the cheque’s were handed over to Sahista this afternoon by the said postman in half an hour.
The Past presidents Forum of the Belgaum Chambers and the Postal Forum did a fantastic job of following it up and helping the needy. 

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