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Pourkarmikas have not been paid for over 4 months

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Garbage lying on the roads is a common scene for a week as the Pourkarmikas have not been given their wages for the past 4 months.

The Pourkarmikas have boycotted work as they have not been paid.

As the Pourkarmikas have boycotted work the permanent employees of the City Corporation are trying to clear the garbage from some parts of the city but their number is very small.

The Pourkarmikas did not allow them to pick up the garbage as a mark of protest.

garbageThe civic workers toil every day to ensure that the streets of the city are kept clean. They have also held protests demanding the money they are due. But their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

The City corporation does not have money to pay the civic workers but it makes money for the Councilors trip to Mysuru and Shimla.

2 thoughts on “Pourkarmikas have not been paid for over 4 months”

  1. All Tax payers monies are used for FUN and Educational Trips to Shimla .. Councilor must understand that it’s waste of monies by going to such trips …


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