Priority of Traffic cops should be on traffic management rather than fine collection

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The number of vehicles in Belagavi is on the rise day after day, but the traffic management does not keep pace with the growth of the vehicles.

Traffic Cops are visible at circles, but they aren’t involved in traffic management but are engaged in completing the target of collecting fines.

We have seen in person 9 Traffic cops, which included 2 ASI and other Constables at Rani Chennamma Circle standing on a turn and challaning for violations majorly non-wearing of helmets and then Fancy number plate.

traffic cops fine

Similar scenes can be seen at Third Gate,  Fort Lake, RTO circle, Udyambag, sometimes at Sanchayni Circle.

Signals have been installed more than a year ago at many places but they dont work. 

To help the Traffic Cops there is the Traffic Management center which takes snapshots of traffic violations again mostly non-wearing of helmets, non-wearing of seat belts, fancy number plate and send the notices home.
RPD is clogged with traffic but no cops seen there. Now the ones standing to manage traffic at the First and second gate are also missing.

Vehicles parked in no praking are lifted but there isn’t a board to mention that its a No parking zone nor the administration has marked places where it says Park here.

For years we don’t see a police cop at Dharmveer Sambhaji Circle, Why is this?
The citizens of Belagavi are worst to follow the traffic rules, but instead putting a fine for not wearing a helmet, cops should do it from the Wrong side driving on Khanapur Road Tilakwadi, or Udyambag or Congress road. This is not done. Lane discipline is not there at all, not many are aware that to take a right turn, one must be in the right lane, must be on the extreme left and turn.
There is a no U-turn board at Chennamma Circle (Dr. Ambedkar Road to Chennamma Circle) but each day hundred of Autos, cars take a U-turn right at the circle and cops are at a distance of 20 feet but this violation is not fined.


To have a smooth flow of traffic, the one riding must adhere to the rules, and the cops must look into this seriously and fine for such violations like wrong side driving, those loud bullet exhausts, underage driving and many more, By this if the driver can learn a lesson it might help in smooth flow of the traffic.
The Traffic cops will have to prioritize TRAFFIC management first and then take up other issues.
We the citizens are also to be blamed as we are always in a hurry and we just think of our own selves rather than others. Follow traffic rules and make this city a better driving place.

Bureau of Police Research & Development is emerging as the National Think Tank on Policing with the cooperation of various agencies and institutions.

Traffic cops check documents

It has mentioned the duties of Traffic Police as under:

443. The basic duties of the traffic police personnel include:

i. Manning fixed traffic points in a town or city.
ii. Mobile patrol to regulate traffic and clearing the road
iii. Enforcement of MV Act and Rules and  other notifications
iv. Check and control of rash, dangerous and drunken driving.
v. Patrolling of highways, enforcement of traffic discipline and maintenance of order on the main roads
vi. Removing obstructions to traffic flows and organizing traffic diversion whenever necessary, both in the congested areas of the towns/city and on the highways.
vii. Prompt arrival at the scenes of road accidents, guarding the scene, rendering first aid and shifting the injured to the hospital, intimating to the L&O Police and assisting them in the investigation of the cases.
viii. Communicating information to civil police of any incident or movement of criminals or suspected persons or property, which they come to know
ix. Observation and apprehension of wanted persons or taking charge of missing persons in course of their duties
x. Setting up barricades to check vehicles on alert from the police authorities
xi. Assisting civil police or detective police in checking for suspicious persons or properties
xii. Assistance to police during large gatherings
xiii. Undertaking Traffic education
xiv. Maintenance of prescribed records
xv. Upkeep and maintenance of all traffic equipment including traffic signals
xvi. Take special care of school children, old or blind or handicapped persons and others at road crossings and peak traffic points
xvii. Monitoring of traffic on the highways on a full time basis
xviii. Advice the local bodies and other authorities for erection of road signals, road painting and other matters connected with traffic engineering
xix. Coordination with local authorities, highway department, telephones, water works, drainage, electricity in the matter relating to free flow of traffic and its regulation, occasioned by maintenance and repair works undertaken by the concerned departments.
xx. Organize road safety education, awareness and training for drivers, road users, public, students and other stakeholders.
xxi. Set up road safety and education parks.

0 thoughts on “Priority of Traffic cops should be on traffic management rather than fine collection”

  1. Very true!
    But they behave just like agents for collecting fine.
    Very few are seen at traffic sensitive point helping ppl and doing their duty.
    A good issue raised and it’s time for the concerned authorities to act.

  2. Traffic cops must follow their duties under article 443. Citizens must follow traffic rules and drive safely for smooth traffic flow in the city as mentioned in above article by Editor.

  3. Well said indeed !!
    I have been stopped at least half dozen times – twice near Globe, Deshpande Petroleums, twice at Goaves circle, once at Gogte circle etc. The cops talk to us as if only we the two wheeler riders are rogues and the are the law officers.
    Unfortunately for them, every time they stop me , I leave without having to pay any fine because I have all documents are readily available and remind the officer (who has been the same on 5 out of 6 occassions) when and where he had stopped me – he sheepish laughs.

  4. Well said, but the irony is nothing is going to change, neither the officers or the mentality of citizens.
    Most of the times the signals are not working.only for VIP visit they are on.
    It’s for our safety PLZ follow the traffic rules.

  5. Let me keep it simple, let’s leave everything out. Even if the traffic cops are asking for insurance and license just show them and drive away to where ever you are heading. Obliging to public servants is the duty of public. Government servants doesn’t mean they are at our mercy or at our disposal to use them or abuse them. The hours they put standing in the hot sun I’m sure some of them
    Have been the victim of heat casualties.

    You are entitled to have license and insurance on you while are driving. It will not take more than 10 mins for the whole process to complete.

    Traffic stops not just bring the revenue but also, keeps a check on stolen vehicles. If the public were to carry their license and Insurance in the first place they wouldn’t be butt hurt about the police who are actually doing their job.

    Now are the traffic police seen as often in public regulating traffic as they do the license check…. This is another topic for a different day :).


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