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Property tax payment may be delayed due to software updation

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Every year from April 1, many come forward to pay the property tax as they get the 5% rebate but this year the process could be delayed as the software is still being updated and the online website which was working for the past years has now been shelved. this website is not working now.

The new link for property tax payment is
Which is still not active or we are not even sure if there would be a different website for the same.


As of now while we are writing this many tax payers have approached the Govaves office and the main office but they have been sent back saying the software module has to be updated.

The process of calculation of the property tax this has been changed and it will be based on 25% on construction cost and 25% of the Govt land value.

It looks like the tax payers will have to fill out a new form here which will have the mention of the Property ID, Length of Site, Breadth of Site, Area of Site, Corner Plot etc.

Then the property tax would be calculated and then one can make the payment but as of now we are not in a position to explain the same as the same is not yet functional.

One would be eligible for the 5% rebate for the month of April, sources said.

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  1. Pls start as early as possible because people are adjusted and because of pandemic covid 19 to avoid rush for making challans it useful for everyone to payonline tax both for corporations and public


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