Of the eight women sepoys from Karnataka, seven are from Belagavi

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In May around 100 women cadets will pass out from the CMP (Corps of Military Police) Centre and School Bengaluru and the ToI has made a story where it quotes 3 who are from Belagavi district.

Seven of the eight sepoys from Karnataka are from Belagavi and one from Dharwad.

According to Lt Col Julee, the training officer, 27 of the 100 women are from UP, 26 from Haryana, eight from Karnataka, six from Kerala, two each from Himachal Pradesh and the northeastern states and one each from Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan. The remaining 26 are from across the states

Sepoy Jyothi Hanchinmani, 20, from Belagavi’s Bailhongal taluk is the only recruit from her taluk. She said: “I joined the army because I come from an army family. My father was an ex-servicemen in the Air Defense Division, so a life in the service was always compelling. I had served previously in the NCC and so I could adapt quickly to the army.” Just like here, there are 19 other sepoys who come from a family with a defence background, while 50 others had been in the NCC.

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Sepoy Jyothi Hanchinmani further said “I was in BSc second year when I joined the army. I will proceed to finish my studies through IGNOU. I had secured 89% in SSLC and 74% in PU,” she said. While her father taught her physical training drill as a young girl, it was her mother who encouraged her to join the army.

Sepoy Aarthi Talawar, 21, also from Belagavi was also with the NCC and had secured 94% in SSLC and 83% in PU. “My father is a farmer. We have a four-acre farm. My father could not recognise me when I went home on leave on September 5. Initially, it was very emotional on the base, and there was difficulty in adjusting and I could not understand some of the instructions in Hindi, but now, a year later, I know Hindi well. I used to miss my regional cuisine and my parents a lot at the start, but now, I have since gotten accustomed,” she said.

Sepoy Jyothi Chavalagi, 21, Belagavi said: “I hail from a small village in Khanapur taluk. There is no school in my village. Everyday I had to walk 3km to a school in a neighboring village. The initial days at the camp were very difficult.

There were problems adjusting to the army routine but after a year of this, I have adjusted. As Sepoys we are paid Rs 30,000 per month, Rs 22,000 of which is basic. The pay, in that sense, is good, but we have to work hard for it.”

She was a final year BSc nursing student when she was accepted into the army. “I secured 89% in PU and 98% in SSLC. While I could have a more lucrative profession in nursing, I chose to join the army and there have not been any regrets, because of the special feeling I get in serving the country,” she added.

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  1. WOMEN POWER !!! CONGRATS TO these Women Sepoys who have successfully completed their military training and are now being inducted for Army service in our Indian Army. Indeed a Happy day for them and a proud moment for our nation. JAI HIND………..


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