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Property tax – Tareekh pe Tareekh

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Voluntary taxpayers are a rare breed, so why not reward them handsomely and foster feel-good, but our City Corporation believes Punish the honest, let the dishonest make merry.

One reason why many citizens hate to pay taxes is that they see very little evidence that the money is being put to good use and more importantly the bizarre time consuming manner which the corporation adopts.


Samit Shared his story about getting the Property tax chalan
Went on 2nd April – was told to come on 4th Reason: your ward book is not there
Went on 4th – was given my id number on told to come on 6th
Went on 6th…8 am..after sitting there in line for 4 hours….was given a coupon number….and told to come on 9th
Went on 9th….relieved that now I have a number will get challan soon…..but got a shock….was told….number is of no use….give xeroxes and do…we will call u….was told to come on 13th.
Went on 13th….again tareekh….come on 19th….as server is down….everybody is busy with election work

We also faced the same issue come after 2 days, come after 4 days what we can do all are on election duty.

The commissioner of the corporation please these are voluntary tax payers who are law abiding citizens willing to pay up on time so give them some respect and issue challans on time or extend the rebate deadline after the discount.

Corporation always cribs about no money in their treasury but when people have lined up to pay why dont you treat them well and collect it rather than come next week, and we dont know what will happen next week, may be we get another Tareekh come after 2 days.

Will someone ever make this citizen friendly.


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  1. Even I have faced the same issue.. I have given the photo copy of previous challan on 4th April.. Everytime i visit they are saying come after 2 days.. If I start questioning they say we are busy, server down,etc.. They say they will give a call once the challan is ready. But until now no such call received..


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