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District in-charge minister Govind Karajol instructed that adequate measures must be in place to avoid any bed and oxygen shortage of Covid infected persons.

Information on bed availability for Covid infected people in government and private hospitals in the district should be made available daily to the public in a transparent manner.

The Deputy Chief Minister, Karajol has issued a stern warning to the authorities that all precautionary measures should be taken to prevent the shortage of oxygen, Remdesivir and other medicines.

He held a discussion with all senior officials, including district officials, on Tuesday (May 4) in connection with how to control Covid in the district.

All officers must work 24 hours a day with coordination to respond to people’s health problems in such a difficult situation.

There have been a lot of reports of lack of oxygen. Minister Karajol directed the government authorities to ensure continuous monitoring of the supply of oxygen in the district, daily use and supply during emergencies.

Similarly, care should be taken regarding the availability of Remdesivir and stringent action should be taken so that it does not become a concern.

Hospitals that sell Remdesivir at a higher rate should be given a notice.

Employment for Migrant Workers:

Migrant workers are returning to the home district. The Minister also instructed the District Panchayat Officers to make employment opportunities mandatory under the Employment Guarantee Scheme.

Since Belagavi is a large district, preparations should be made to avoid any problems including bed, oxygen, Remdesivir.

There are plenty of grants available with the DC’s office. The minister in charge of the district, Govind Karajol, said that any assistance from the government, including financial and pharmaceuticals, should be brought to their notice immediately.

DC Dr. Harish Kumar, who informed that necessary steps have been taken to prevent oxygen shortage.

As per the minister’s directives, steps are being taken to provide the public with information on the beds and treatment facilities available at the government and private hospitals in the district.

There are about 4000 beds available to treat Covid infected people in the district.

This includes the 1909 oxygen beds;
179 ICU Bed;
There are 137 ICU and ventilator beds.

District officials explained that there are 77 high flow oxygen and 543 high flow nasal oxygen beds.

He said that they are capable of providing oxygen to a thousand beds continuously for 24 hours.

The district is at the forefront of vaccination, with 40 percent vaccination. 32 thousand vaccines will be delivered to the district in the near future.

The Covid Care Center has been set up at every taluk level and if necessary, such centers will be set up at Hobli level, said Dr K Harish Kumar.

Speaking on the occasion, ADC Yogeshwar said, Remdesivir is being provided to 47 hospitals based on the number of patients in the district. He explained that there is currently no shortage of oxygen and Remdesivir.

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Key takeaways –

(1) Migrants returning to their hometowns, Panchayat officers have been instructed to provide compulsory employment to all those in need in the village under the Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Scheme.

2) The task force must be structured and regulated in the villages to find out what are the causes which have lead to the spreading of Covid in villages.

3) The crowds in vegetable markets are increasing, not maintaining a social distancing. All wards should be arranged with carts for easy availability of vegetables and fruits.

4) Some people are spreading slander / rumors to terrorize the rational people.

5) Remdesivir injections are supplied by the government as needed. Some are trying to create artificial deprivation. Attempts are made to sell this injection. The police need to be vigilant and take action against such people.

6) Establishment of Covid Care Center in all the taluks and take action to submit the report to the Government.

7) Bed information should be made transparent to the public.

8) Collecting information on vaccinators in the district.

9) Collecting oxygen availability data and taking care to avoid shortage.

10) Collection of compulsory migrant data.

11) Officers and staff of all required departments shall be assigned to the Covid 19 control duty and shall take action.

12) Identify residential school / hostel facilities as a hospital annex building so that Covid-infected patients can get beds.

13) If there is a situation in Quarantine for those who have a small house, care should be taken in Quarantine in residential / residential schools.

14) Create a Public Advisory Committee at the current level and take action to ensure transparency in implementation of government guidelines.

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  1. We need more covid ICU beds in belgavi. There is a shortage and one has to wait and sometimes return from hospitals. We need to increase and make jumbo covid centers like Maharashtra and plan for increase to save human lives.


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