Rambo Circus in Belgaum

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Pune-based Rambo Circus was established in 1991 and is the Biggest Circus in India. They are always ahead in using innovative techniques which makes us the Best in the Industry.
Rambo Circus was established by Mr. P.T. Dilip on 26th January, 1991. Earlier Mr. Dilip owned Erina Circus in 1989, then the Great Oriental Circus and Victoria Circus, then he combined three circuses to create one big Rambo Circus. It tours all over India & Abroad too.rambo-circus bekgaum

From the very beginning Rambo Circus has always applied innovative ideas and has shown how Circus can cope with the pace of ever changing world. Even in this time of adversity, the 2nd Generation of Circus Co – Owners (Mr. Sujit Dilip & Mr. Sumit Dilip – Sons of Mr. P. T. Dilip) are trying something new each and every time.

Rambo Circus was in Begaum in September 2012 earlier.

Place :

C. P. ED. Ground,

Club Road, Belgaum

Show-Time :

Daily 3 shows at 1.00 pm, 4.00 pm & 7.00 pm

Ticket Rates :

Rs. 250/-, Rs. 150/-, Rs. 100/- & Rs. 60/-

(No ticket for children under 3 years.)

[Spot Advance Booking for Rs. 250/- from 9 am to 6 pm]

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