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Stickers on Autos with permit in Belgaum

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RTO and Traffic police Belgaum have jointly commenced the work identifying the 4500 odd auto rikshaws with permit in the city and for their identification a new sticker with a specif number and also helpline numbers was pasted on Autos since yesterday.

stickers on autos with permit in Belgaum
The sticker pasted on the front and rear of the autos in Belgaum
stickers on autos with permit in Belgaum
RTO pasting stickers on autos with permit in Belgaum

The stickers would be pasted on the front and rear side of the Auto which has a specific number such as 0001 and also police helpline numbers.

RTO said this drive would help in identifying the non permit autos in the city. The auto drier will have to show the permit and other documents and get the sticker pasted within 15 days. The sticker cannot be copied easily said, RTO V K Hemadri.
Incase of any harrasment the passegers can just inform the police the special number like 0001 to the police control helpline. 

4 thoughts on “Stickers on Autos with permit in Belgaum”

  1. Respected,
    Sir before a month a rule was passed that auto should have their meters on run but no auto person on his meter if. We ask they use abusing words wat would u like to say

  2. What happened about the metered AUTO where is that gone…….whats the use of this stickers how would it help commuters….and moreover auto people would not mind to have this stickers . For commuters we need metered AUTOS strict action against the abusive autowalas .PLease think of common people.

  3. Why cant the police specially (men and women staff) in civil inform (like normal middle class people or below that) and ask for Autos in Central Bus Stand Auto Stand, to come with Meter rates for the travel. And see what abusing words they face and how they are treated.

    Is that our City Police is so busy that they can not work with civil inform ?

  4. sir, what if fake stickers are pasted on the autos, because one way is implemented to curb irregularities.2 other ways are created to break it.


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