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Goa Govt charges entry fees from Tourists at Sural near Belgaum

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The Government of Goa under its Forest department is collecting Fees from Tourists who enter the Sural Village about 50 kms from Belgaum.

Each vehicle is charged Rs.75 and Rs.20 per head and a receipt is also issued. The Forest department of Goa has made a gate where its van stands to collect the same once the tourists want to enter the Sural Village.sural-entry

sural-falls belgaum
The Sural Water Falls about 50 kms from Belgaum Photo: Sabir Jamadar



People throng Sural or Surla during the monsoons to get a glimpse of falls snuggled amongst the beautiful Western Ghats.

There were diverse reactions from netizens on this –

Anvith K.S. Asked- “There aren’t any facilities there to charge for. Also being a citizen of India I should have free access to any place. I do understand that anti social elements need to be kept in check. I have a feeling this is done due to the enormous number of drunk idiots going there and spoiling it for everyone.”

Dhanvarsha said- “ We also must charge the Goans and stop sending Vegetables to Goa”.


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  1. Use the Goan govt logic against them, charge every goan vehicle 50 times more than they charge for karnataka vehicles as karnataka is 50 times bigger than goa.


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