Ramesh Jarkiholi may kill me any time – Woman in CD

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In a fresh twist to the ‘sex CD’ scandal, the woman who featured in the video has written to the Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court alleging that SIT officials are pressuring her family members at the behest of former minister Ramesh Jarkiholi, who is an accused in the case, reports the Bengalurulive.

In a three-page letter dated March 28, the woman has requested the court to take note of the threat she is facing in this matter and to take up the case and direct the state government to provide her protection and render her justice.

She has alleged that the SIT, which is probing the case, is completely acting to the tunes of Jarkiholi and that the government is also protecting him, and hence she has not gained confidence in the investigation agency.

“Jarkiholi is highly influential person and has already threatened me in public, of going to any extent to clear my charges against him.”

“I have already expressed my apprehension that there is a threat to myself and my parents from Ramesh Jarkiholi, who is a highly influential person…I have requested the Special Investigation Team seeking protection for myself and my parents,” she said.

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