Water level in both water reservoirs less than last year levels

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The level of water in the Rakaskop and Hidkal reservoirs less than what was there last year in the corresponding period.

Belagavi city gets about 12 MGD of water combined from Rakskop and Hidkal which is managed by the City Corporation.

On 30 March the water level of Rakaskop was 2462.05 feet while same day last year it was 2465.40, which is a decline of 3.3 feet on a year on year basis.

Rakaskop can store water upto 2477 feet.


Hidkal reservoir has a capacity of 51 TMC but as of March 30 it has only 17.68 TMC while on the same day last year the level was 22.51 TMC, which a deficit of 4.83 TMC on a year on year basis.

So there could be a shortage in the month of May if there are no good rains in the next couple of months.

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  1. If the situation of water level mentioned then how will Belgaumiites get 24 Hrs. water supply. This is only a dream then… ! ! Now we all must understand the importance of water saving., If each house starts saving 02 buckets water in their daily usage annually I think this problem we will not face in future,.


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