Ramlingkhind Galli widened for Car parking

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The RamlingKhind Galli was widened to 60 feet with an aim to ensure smooth flow of traffic, but as soon as the road was built it has become into a parking lot and now the police have officially declared it.

Somewhere in July 2015, the said road was widened to 60 feet with an aim for smooth flow of traffic but now the Police are making it into a Parking place.

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It may be recalled that when the road widening was being done there was a backlash from the residents saying it would be a parking zone and nothing else and the same has happened. None of the residents got any sort of compensation even when Law makes it compulsory for such compensation. In fact, a few residents were left homeless as 95% o their home was demolished.

From Ashok Circle to Tilak Chowk in Ramlingkhind Galli both sides would be reserved for Car parking and if any two-wheelers are parked they would be lifted by the police.

From Nucleus Mall to Ashok Chowk bikes will be allowed to park but on Odd and Even basis.


The entire plan by the traffic dept looks to be a sham. With cars parked on both sides, the road width will be the same as it was earlier around 45 feet. So why was the road widened to accommodate car parking by demolishing the homes?

With the street now officially labeled as a parking zone from where the corporation will earn parking fees(not yet clear if car parking will be charged ), the residents were seen speaking is this for what we gave up our home and land.

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  1. Rightly said, urban infra is focusing only on passenger 4 wheelers, no footpath , cycle road or any options for public transport like bus etc.
    Why ramling khind galli, look at other areas also, 3rd gate to udyambag is being used for goods vehicle parking selling fruits vegetables etc


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