Rani Chennamma University VC attacked


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VC of Rani Chennamma University Shivanand Hosamani was attacked by a group of members allegedly of ZP member Sungar during a Blood donation camp on the ground that the latter was ignored in the Camp.

The angry mob threw glasses, tables and whatever they could find, sources say Sungar is a close aide of Satish Jarkhiholi and this act could be as a retaliation of the Bhoomi puja of the underpass near RCU last week, where Jarkhiholi was not invited.

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ABVP very seriously condemned this & urged the police to take necessary action on culprits, who were involved in this case.

ABVP Belagavi would be giving a memorandum to the DC & Police Commissioner to arrest the culprits.

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  1. RC university is spread across 3 districts and its very difficult for the VC to keep all the elected representatives happy, its really humiliating for such senior bureaucrats to work in such a goonda raj


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