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Re-carpeting of Congress road begins

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The Congress road which is in a dire state currently will be re-carpeted in a few days under the MLA funds.

Congress road in the Corporation limits that is from Nanawadi cross to 2nd gate would be redone. The other part which also needs urgent attention and is in very atrocious state from Gogte circle to Nanawadi cross comes under the Cantonment board.

The said work would be done in two phases Nanawadi cross to 1st gate and 1st gate to 2nd gate. The tender from 2nd gate to 3rd gate is still not approved and same is the case with 3rd gate to Udyambag.

Rs.1 crore 5 lakhs have been allotted for this work. 

1 thought on “Re-carpeting of Congress road begins”

  1. Pssst!
    This repair will not last the next monsoon!
    Take it from me. Not that Belgaum Engineers dont know how to build roads. But they dont.
    Every time I make a visit during or after monsoon, the conditioon is the same.
    Monsoon is not to be blamed. Go and see how it rains in Malaysia and Singapore. You will know how the roads should be.


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