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Ajinkya’s Innovative Startup Revolutionises Home Recording Services

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Record@Home – is a New Startup Revolutionising Home Recording Services from Belagavi. An innovative pioneer startup that aims to transform the recording studio industry by making professional recording accessible to everyone from home. With this new startup, singers, and musicians from around the world can conveniently record their vocals, and instruments at home and collaborate with the team remotely to achieve a polished, studio-quality mix and master.

The recording process is supported by an expert online team that guides artists through each step, ensuring optimal recording quality. Whether using a smartphone or a full-fledged home recording setup guided by the team, artists can effortlessly capture their performances. By leveraging expertise and state-of-the-art audio equipment, these recordings are skilfully transformed into industry-standard refined and professional sound.

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Speaking to AAB, Ajinkya Kudturkar said, his startup has a clear vision: to empower artists globally by providing them with accessible and high-quality recording solutions. By eliminating geographical barriers and offering a range of packages tailored to various budgets, the startup ensures that artists at all levels can bring their musical vision to life.

The startup’s services extend beyond online collaborations. For those seeking an unparalleled recording experience, the team can construct a complete studio setup at the artist’s location. This unique offering combines the convenience of home recording with the immersive environment of a professional studio, providing artists with the best of both worlds.

Ajinkya Kudturkar, a renowned music composer, producer, singer-songwriter and entrepreneur is the driving force behind Wavestream Studio and Record@Home, a pioneering establishment in Belagavi. With an extensive range of services encompassing song recording, film dubbing, scoring, post-production, music and video production, his studio has garnered a reputation for delivering exceptional quality and creative excellence. In addition, he is the owner of “Mixed by Aj,” an online music mixing and mastering service catering to artists worldwide. His team members Vallabh Deshpande and Apeksha Rao have contributed to this latest start-up venture Record At Home to deliver exceptional quality work.

Ajinkya’s journey as an active live musician since 2011, with a specialization in guitar and bass, has allowed him to collaborate with talented singer-songwriters and musicians from both India and abroad. Many of these musical collaborations can be witnessed on the Wavestream Studio YouTube and Instagram channels, showcasing the diverse range of his skills and expertise. He is not only a multi-instrumentalist but also a passionate educator, providing music production, song recording, and composition classes at his studio.

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