Reporting a civic issue in Belagavi is more hideous than the issue itself

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As a citizen of Belagavi, reporting a civic problem and getting it resolved can be a painful and arduous activity.

What do we normally do if we encounter a garbage dump, or unclean road, or overflowing dustbins, Street lights not working, water leakages, etc. We just close our nose, ignore the situation, and walk away, as nothing can be done as an individual.

All reading this would agree at least 60% of the street lights in the city don’t work, take the best example of the Shri Basveshwar RoB (Gogte RoB) it is in the dark after a month it was inaugurated.
Take any main roads to leave the street lights don’t work. But where to complain?

Do you know who is the authority in charge of it?

The Administration also hasn’t taken measures to make solving Grievances a priority as they would have to work to resolve the issue.

There are sites and apps but we haven’t seen any resolution or the problem been solved.

The smart city app has a complaint section, we did complain no one bothered to read it and update on the resolution.

The Janahitha provides a platform to the citizens to raise grievances related to Urban Local Bodies, here also we have seen lately that the complaint is closed as resolved but nothing changes on the ground.

Then there are those BORDER issues you can call them, sir this area is not under Corporation it is under BUDA or under Cantonment board, This area is under corporation but this work pertains to Smart city complain to them. Water leakage is there but as the new road is made we need to get permission from Smart city and it is taking the time.


If a person wishes to solve a civic issue he will have to go from office to office and end of the day nothing positive would happen.

We have that Integrated command and control center, God only knows what happens there.
Belagavi needs a centralized Grievance handling system One single website where all complaints are lodged and followed up is the key.

We need a vision on this as it is more important to citizens than anything else.

Belagavi is a city where for complaints and public grievances readdressal there is no forum not on social media as well. Who will want to visit an office and complain in this digital age but Belagavi Administration has done exactly that so that they have to solve any grievances.

Calling Belagavi a smart city on paper is of no use, systems put in place must be smart, and the people behind the systems as well.

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  1. I have been consistently following stray dog issue since a couple of years. Because of Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, the laws were amended and now eradicating stray dogs is a grave problem. The corporation personnel do not really understand how to handle this issue. Now I have stopped complaining about this issue. We in this country have many limitations in many ways we must understand and live and die with with them. Take it from me,, this can never become a developed country, at least for coming 50 years.

  2. I had also complained many times wrt dolby loud music played next to our house. The concerned people (one family in particular) have taken over the temple property illegally and running dolby rental business from complex built on temple property. Officials visited but mentioned in their report as there are only two three small speakers used for temple purposes but clearly one can see 8 to 10 big dolbies there…then how come officials gave cleanchit to them dont know…

    • Are these comments, problems mentioned here even read by authorities, officials (smart city/corporation)?….if no, then what is the use?….if yes, are they contacting the respondents, complainants through their email id?

      We all would applaud the officials (smart city, corporation) if they take the initiative and at least try to reach out to the complainants because there is a reason they are writing here and expressing theirs difficulties, problems (may be due to fear of identity revelation, fear of person against whom they are complaining, etc.).

      If these comments are only for common people, then this is total waste of time, it is a joke!!!!

      Jai Hind.

  3. Is any authority, official reading these comments, problems listed by complainants?….if yes, are they contacting them through mail ID and tracking about the complaints?…if no, then no use to post our comments, problems here, waste of time…..

    There is a reason as to why people are complaining, posting here, may be danger from the culprits to them, etc !!!

    We would appreciate if the officials (corporation, smart city) take a note of these postings here and take appropriate action against the culprits.

    Jai Hind.

  4. Nothing professed on their websites seems to be responsive. Don’t know who is more indifferent and unresponsive, the mechanisms or the persons behind it. Looks like they’ve built a shield around themselves. It takes several trips to their offices and after experiencing their absence from their places of work, rude and evasive attitude if you do find them in their seats, lack of respect for citizens mostly of the senior kind, you quietly lay down your arms and learn to live with inconveniences as part of your fate. One of the principal objectives of the Smart City programme should have been to make life easy for senior citizens, women etc but it’s only made things worse. What are normal Corporation functions like providing street lights and sanitation are now being made “smarter ” by incurring heavy expenditure. One wonders whether the huge drains/gutters being made in some places are really necessary or being made in places where citizens really don’t need them (for reasons to be guessed) and hence will not bother to complain or raise questions while expenditure is incurred t.o make the city look smarter on paper. Smart city works are planned it appears in places which have enough facilities while the poorer areas and outskirts are neglected .. Development and redevelopment of kotikere while many outer areas languish for basic facilities appears to be a case in point


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