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Residents demand scientific laying of Gutters and Flood water management

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It can be seen from the examples below that when residents and stakeholders in a community come together to solve an issue, the results are not only positive but also long-lasting.

Belagavi recently saw one of the worst floods in its history may be with the entire district been affected by flooding. Some Low lying areas experienced the worst flooding this year in areas such as Mahatma Gandhi Colony, Swami Vivekanand Colony, Maratha Colony and Cariappa Colony.

TV, refrigerators, furniture, beds, mattresses you name it and many of these things were just thrown away as it was all waterlogged.

The families had to in fact restart their life’s by starting all from scratch. Many residents have still not come back to their homes and are in the process of painting and cleaning.

The residents of the above colonies have now decided to come under one banner and fight it out with the local authorities. It is not that no one tried but the attempt was an individual one and now the residents aim to take this matter higher by coming together as a community.

The residents are having the feel of dwelling behind the Dam Wall by name Congress Road. Because right from Chennamma nagar to Sheetal Raswanti there is no Vent for water to pass through towards railway line.

mg-sv-comToday the residents met the Commissioner of City Corporation and explained to him the actual situation and he also inspected a few places affected.

The main reason behind the water logging this time around has been the flow of water from all other colonies towards Congress road and the outlets are too small for the heavy flow.

Above that, the utility cables placed inside the gutters have blocked the flow of water. The best solution to this problem is gutters made in a scientific manner and more Drains across Congress road so that the water can flow across.


3 thoughts on “Residents demand scientific laying of Gutters and Flood water management”

  1. Oh!
    I see.
    And DEMANDS!!!
    There’s no way this WON”T be seen to now.
    OI mean it clearly states in the title of this article.
    Oh but wait . . .
    there’s a problem that could see this from getting started.
    Anyone see the magic word?
    Limbo it is then.
    God help us all.
    Bhaarish aaya, bijli gaya.
    Jai smart city!!!

  2. Very Correct !!! After all the sufferings and misery to the residents during the unprecedented rains and resultant floods, it about time the authorities explore a scientific way to ameliorate such situation for the future of Belagavi Smart Cty……..

  3. Residents rejoice!!!
    You’ve demanded and yet again maratha colony etc is flooded ONCE AGAIN 21-10-2019
    Yes indeed.
    Action has been taken!


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