Residents stand behind MLA Saith take out rally


Residents from different parts under Belagavi North  took out a procession and shouted slogans against the BJP leaders for allegedly fuelling fundamentalist passions and widening the gaps between two communities to serve their political interests. They expressed solidarity with MLA Feroz Saith.

It may be recalled that C.T. Ravi had said that Congress MLA  was responsible for the eruption of communal violence in Khadak Galli recently.

Diwakar Deshpande, Santosh Parwatrao and Dalit Sangharsha Samiti leader Mallesh Chougule led the protest. Raju Sait, Younger brother of Mr. Sait, was also present.


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  1. the common have to rise and make their voices heard. the radical saffron outfits want to polarize the society for their selfish gains. theses elements pose a greater risk to security prosperity and stability of the country.The narrative of the country has changed since the saffron outfits have gained political power..the aggressive and violent hidutwa politics being played out by the saffron outfits has claimed so many innocent lives and made harmed the image the of India .Ghar Vapsi love Jihad beef politics and host of bans .The murder of rationalists is a sad commentary on Indias moral leadership it held in the commity of nations.

  2. Anybody causing disharmony should be dealt with strictly….Whether it’s a politician/politically-affiliated person, or any other member of society. Public support/protest can be bought and sold on shandy day….

  3. Anybody promoting disharmony should be dealt with strictly, whether they are a politician/politically affiliated, or any other member of the society. Public support/protests can be bought and sold in the open market on shandy day….


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