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Road Side Drinking Water Kiosk in Belagavi City under Smart city project

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Under the Smart city project the city of Belagavi will get in phase one new Road Side Drinking Water Kiosks which would supply potable drinking water.

The RO unit that consist of stainless steel Treated water tank of 150 ltrs of capacity with stand, Auto sensor and pre purification by Sand and activated Carbon filter and processed by RO+UV+TDS Control, coin and smart card based Normal water vending unit.

The total estimate for the phase one is Rs. 37,44,325.87

Representational image as used in the Smart city project report

The project is under public convenience & amenities where 70 lakhs have been allocated under Area based development.

As of now about 5 tenders have been floated for various works under the smart city project.

Tender floated under Smart city

1.Road Side drinking water kiosk (phase-i) in Belagavi city
2.Construction of 2 Bus shelters in Belagavi city construction of building for command 3. Control center at CTS no: 3933/a3, Visvesvaraya nagar in Belagavi city
4. Construction of two smart roads at KPTCL road and Mandoli road for Belagavi city (under evaluation)
5. Construction of two check weirs in heritage park for Belagavi city (under evaluation)

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