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Robotic Technology for Addressing Contamination Water Supply Issues

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Belagavi City marks a milestone in history as it has adopted the application of Robotic Technology first time in Belagavi to tackle water supply challenges. Taking charge of the water supply system in Belagavi city, L&T (Larsen & Toubro) has harnessed state-of-the-art technology to address water supply challenges plaguing the city.

Using the revolutionary “Small Push Tether Technology,” the company has effectively tracked pipeline blockages, factors contributing to water contamination, and low water pressure within the city.

The key innovation is the robotic camera, which allows precise inspection of the underground pipelines. “A specialized push camera is deployed in the pipelines will track obstructions and things that could pollute water. With an impressive length range of up to 100 meters, it swiftly transmits captured images to a laptop screen, providing a comprehensive blueprint for targeted repairs.”KUIDFC Superintending Engineer Mr.Ashok Burukule told to media.

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This innovation promises to cut down on time and labor while eliminating the need for unnecessary road excavation. Activities that damage roads and inconvenience caused to the public can be avoided. In order to find the blind spots of water contamination and reduced water pressure, primarily owing to the archaic pipeline which is some 25 to 30 year old. This new Robotic Technique will give a pioneering result. Officials opine that with the introduction of the pioneering technology, these issues can be addressed in a better and faster manner. Significant strides have been made in identifying and rectifying blockages that could pollute water. notably in places that have been facing these challenges for an extended period.

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