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Roof top solar systems on 7 Govt buildings planned

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The Ministry of Urban Development(MoUD), Government of India (GoI) has initiated the Smart City Mission (SCM) and selected Belagavi city to be developed as Smart City. Under the Smart City Scheme, Government has emphasized to improve the basic civic amenities of the cities on one hand and the provision of modern technological advances for ease of living on the other hand.

The Smart City Proposal (SCP) for Belagavi envisions implementing a number of projects divided into Area Based Development (ABD) projects and PanCity components.

Solar Rooftop PV project on rooftop of Government buildings under PPP mode is one of these components.

The present Power demand of Belagavi city is about 40 MW and there is a shortfall in supply of about 12 percent leading to a daily outage of a few hours. As a process of achieving self-sufficiency in energy, a minimum of 18% of its energy demand is proposed to be achieved through on‐site power generation from solar energy.

solar_powerUnder smart city development, rooftop solar PV installations are proposed for all new development structures and also for the existing Government Buildings. Various Government Buildings in the Belagavi City surveyed and assessed for the suitability of Rooftop Solar PV installations. Energy consumption pattern, sanctioned power from HESCOM, power evacuation facility and structural capability of the buildings were also evaluated.

The indicative potential capacity across the Seven (07) Government Buildings (the “Government Buildings”) is as below –

Laxmitek Pumping Station Area- 1800 sq M – 120 kWp capacity planned

Hindalaga Pumping Station – 150 sq M – 10 kWp capacity planned

Basavankola Pumping Station – 1000 sq M – 67 kWp capacity planned

Jackwell (near Hidkal Dam) – 300 sq M – 20 kWp capacity planned

GLSR Check Point – 400 sq M – 27 kWp capacity planned

Kundargi Pumping Station – 1456 sq M – 97 kWp capacity planned

Tumerguddi Pumping Station – 1885 sq M – 126 kWp capacity planned

Hence in all the total capacity planned in 467 kWp

The tender has been floated by the BSCL For Selection Of Developer To Design, Finance, Manufacture, Supply, Install, Test, Commission, Operate And Maintain Roof Top Solar PV Systems for 25 Years And Execute PPA With HESCOM On Net-Metering Basis for Selected Government Buildings In Belagavi.

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