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Rs 2,00,00,000 for the development of 12 temples in Belagavi North

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Rs 2,00,00,000 for the development of 12 devastana’s in Belagavi north constituency under 1st phase of Temple Development under Muzarai department Government of Karnataka, this information was shared by MLA Anil Benake.

1) Shree Vetaleshwar Devastan Khadak Galli Rs25 lakhs.

2) Dodda Basti Basvan Galli Rs 20 lakhs.

3) Chikka Basti Math galli Rs 10 lakhs.

4) Shree Kapileshwar Devastan Rs 25 lakhs.

5) Shree Shivalay Devastan Ramthirth nagar Rs25 lakhs

6) Shree Basavanna Mandir Basav colony Rs15 lakhs.

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7) Shree Ramling Devastan Kotwal galli Rs10 lakhs.

8) Shree Laxmi devastan & Shree Matangi devastan Kali ambrai Rs15 lakhs.

9) Shree Veebhadreshwar devastan police head quarters Rs10 lakhs

10) New Jain Basti old Gandhi nagar Rs 10 lakhs.

11) Shree Hanuman Mandir Veebhadra nagar Rs10 lakhs.

12) Shree Ganesh devastan Anjaneya nagar Rs 25 lakhs.

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  1. I wish they spent this money on well being of the hospitals, schools, poor people who are in need of food and shelter and marginal farmers. The religious places are richer and they don’t need money!! Use this money for a better cause..


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