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No less Blessed – Mother’s Day

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“Mother’s Day”, is the day when most women enjoy the attention of their kids and happily post cute cards and gifts they receive from their children on social media. On the other side, we see many women who are waiting for their turn to membership of motherhood.

On this special day, with every ad on the television / social media showering love on all the mothers, these women with moist eyes silently manage their pain. What’s worse is these women have been always at the receiving end of much blame in cases where a couple is unable to conceive.

The expectations from the society, from the in-laws, from the husband and the wrong notion that only when a woman is a mother, she is complete, kill her completely. it is not uncommon for us to see women who come to seek consultation at infertility clinics are either anxious, depressed, or frustrated. The minute we talk to them they start crying inconsolably.

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Some of them have drained their bank account and many of them have prodded their body with more needles than we can count. As Infertility consultants, we know it is important for most women to be a mother, and we give our 100 % to giving them the pleasure to be a mother. However, a few women despite trying everything may not be able to conceive.

Being a mother is just a part of you and it doesn’t make you complete. Many women decide not to reproduce, some women want to take the help of someone to have a baby and many women decide to adopt. As a woman it’s completely her choice, it’s her life, her body, and her willingness to take responsibility.

On this beautiful day, I appreciate and congratulate all the women who have become mothers after such a hard struggle and all women who are wanting to become one. Your strong willpower and determination have already made you a strong woman. All I want to say is your worth is not determined by your fertility. Remember you are “NO LESS BLESSED”.

About the Author:

Dr. Swetha Ghatnatti(Patil) M.S (OBG), FRM is an Infertility Consultant at Ghatnatti Endocrine and Fertility Centre Belagavi

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