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Sanction of New Line between Belagavi-Dharwad via Kittur (73 Km)

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The Competent authority has accorded sanction to ” Belagavi-Dharwad via Kittur New Line Project (73 Km)” at a cost of Rs.927.40 Cr (Rupees nine hundred twenty seven crone and forty lakh only) included in Budget 2019-20 under the Umbrella Work of New Lines.

MoSR Shri Suresh Angadi gave this information in a presser held at his office.

Department-wise break-up of the project cost is as under-

  • Civil Engineering Rs. 755.69 Cr
  • Elect (G) 9 25.93 Cr
  • Elect(TRD) 9 67.79 Cr
  • S&T 77.99 Cr
  • Total 927.40 crore
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Direct train line between Dharwad and Belagavi has been the long standing demand of people of North Karnataka. The present Rail connectivity between these two important cities through Londa junction is circuitous route. The time taken for Rail travel is approximately 3 hrs.

Though earlier the initial survey was done in 2013-14, as the proposal was not approved then, it was decided to take up fresh survey. The work was entrusted to K-RIDE The survey was completed in record time of two years.

With this new line the distance between the three Important cities Hubballi, Dharwad and Belagavi will reduce resulting in significant development. Running time of trains between Hubballi to Belagavi will also reduce

The New BG line will have following stations i.e. 1) Belagavi 2) Desur 3) Kanvikarvinkoppa 4) Bagewadi 5) M.K. Hubballi 6) Hulikatti 7) Kittur 8) Teguru 9) Mammigatti 10) Kyarakoppa 11) Dharwad

For this new line State Government of Karnataka has committed to provide land free of cost and share 50, cost of construction Upcoming Industrial Corridor of Belgaum — Kittur- Dharwad will be benefitted from this line.

The existing alignment passes through difficult terrain in Western Ghat via Londa which increases the journey time. Presently Mumbai- Bangalore fastest trains take around 21 hours as they follow the circuitous route via Guntakal This new line will save about 3 hours of journey time between the two important commercial centers.


11 stations inbetween Belagavi and Dharwad.

Land for the project will be handed over to Railways free of cost by the State Government of Karnataka and the construction cost of the project will be shared as 50:50 between Railway and State Government of Karnataka. Railways share is chargeable to Extra Budgetary Resources (EBR-IF). 3. This issue with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

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  1. Keeping in mind future needs ….
    Will this be double line with electrification?
    We can have Belagavi Hubli Shuttle services like the LOCAL TRAINS in Mumbai

  2. When will the work start. As regards the work of Railway Electrification on the Miraj-Londa Section ,nothing much as progressed.The matter remains as Status – Quo.

  3. This is very important and necessary step taken by our valued MoSr MR. SURESH ANGADI sir.. Really appreciate and thank you for his good work… God bless you.


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