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Service Level Benchmarks for major services by City Corporation Belagavi

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By uday

The practice in the global system is to implement and achieve standards in the services rendered by government organizations. Accordingly, as per the 15th Finance Commission Report of the Government of India, it is mandatory for the State Governments to set the standard of service and provision, in all essential services provided by the urban local bodies.

Therefore, City Corporation Belagavi, has set and submitted the service level benchmarks achieved during the year 2021-22 and targets to be achieved during the year 2022-23, to the Government for the four major service sectors viz., 1) Water Supply, 2) Sewerage, 3) Storm Water Drains and 4) Solid Waste Management.

15th Finance Commission: Declaration of Service Level Standards Notification Format – 2022-2023

Water Supply Indicators:

benchmark 23 1st
benchmark 23 2
benchmark 23 3
benchmark 23 last

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