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Balu Forge to set up new manufacturing facility in Belagavi

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Balu Forge Industries (BFIL) is in the process of setting up a new 52,000 manufacturing facility in Kakti Industrial Area Belagavi. This new facility will house a state-of-the-art precision engineering center that will increase efficiency in production and enable an extension of the existing product portfolio to enhance the company’s offering in both the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and the new energy sphere.

The new manufacturing campus will consist of a range of key production units, such as a precision machining and forging center, a defense production unit, a dedicated railway wheel and axle production unit, and a unit with a key emphasis on the components for the new energy and mobility industry. This will enable BFIL to expand its product portfolio and cater to new industries.

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The defense production unit will focus on the production of undercarriage parts and heavy forging components for the global defense industry. The rail wheel, axle, and wheelset production unit will cater to the growing demand for railway systems and solutions both domestically and abroad. The new energy components unit will allow BFIL to expand its reach into the new energy sector. The company will focus on building key expertise in fuel-agnostic systems and components in order to further widen and balance the overall product mix.

Balu had a humble beginning in the year 1990, in Belagavi. The initial set up was for manufacturing of crankshafts for single cylinder & two cylinder with a limited workforce. Within the last decade the company is supplying to OEM companies and the aftermarket presence has since expanded to over 80 countries. In 1990, Balu India was the first company in India to mass-produce Crankshafts suitable for Tractor, Trucks and Passenger car applications. Two decades later Balu has gained an excellent reputation in the world market. The modern era of Balu upholds the reputation of durability by manufacturing Crankshafts only out of Forgings.

Initiated operations at the newly acquired Forging Factory & Laid the foundation to establish a new 25 Acre factory in Kakti Industrial Area Belagavi.

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