Shooting of Supreme movie enters Asia book of records

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The Climax Shooting at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium of Kannada Film “Supreme” was witnessed by 25,000 spectators (Childrens) which is a record number of spectators present for a shooting of a film in Kannada.

The Film “SUPREME’’ directed by Sanjeev Reddy & produced by Gandasi Sadanandswamy is a movie based on sports Hockey under the production of Prakurthi Entertainments in which number of children were present during the shooting, on 24th November 2012 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Belgaum.IMG 0261IMG 0112

The officials of Asia Book of records & India Book of records witnessed the feat & examined the attendance of the spectators, after their satisfaction the director & producer of the movie were presented with the Record certificates by the officials of Asia Book of records & India Book of records. The Feat was recorded in Asia & India Book of records by the Officials.

In a formal ceremony Chief guest of the function Mr Thomas Bain (Official of Asia Book of records), Ms Ankita Borthakur (Official of India Book of records), Mrs Jyoti Chindak (Official of India Book of records – Belgaum Division). The Officials gave away the certificates to the Producer Mr Gandasi Sadanandswamy & Director Mr Sanjeev Reddy.

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  1. 🙂
    Belgaum has become a remarkable space for Sandalwood movies now…. 🙂

    Sad part is that You/Uday/AAB didn’t publish any news about KRANTIVEER SANGOLLI RAYANNA MOVIE post release…..
    It is the ever made super hit movie in Sandalwood … more on it is Belgaum based…

    • We were the first ones to post about Rayanna movie since its shooting started. We are not a movie site to cover day by day activity of the movie. We did it on release as everybody had, If u have a minuscule mindset at looking at things we are sorry. We work and will work as we have been doing over the years. May what come.

      • Thats true,,, you are not runnining movie site but you should atleast mention how it is doing in belgaum, because its movie made by belgaumite, morever on freedom fighter, I am sure if its done in other language, you would have turned this site into movie site,unfortunately its in kannada.

        • sammi,

          Get your facts right brother , if you are new to this site let me tell you that there is a movie called PLATFORM in a language which you are so calling “other language”., been shot in belgaum and the coverage equally as this one. Infact the site covers so much about the movie amazing movie “KranthiVeera Sangolli Rayanna”

          Here is the link just in case if you havn’t seen

          Be sensible/responsible when you post such comments as it can hurt the sentiments of genuine belgaumites like Uday who is doing such a fabulous job of uniting culturally diverse belgaum on a single platform.

          It would be helpful if we all encourage AAB/UDAY in his work and make a belgaum a better place instead .

      • Dear Editor,

        First of all i regret you comments, as an Editor you are not allowed to justify the comments, how ever mindset may b of who so ever you cant judge it.
        If your website is not movie site, kindly request you to not post a single news about any movie. wherein ABB has been posting news on movies.
        ABB cant say we will work as we want, you are meant for us you cover news for people who are loyal readers of , where iam one of the loyal reader.

        1st 3 lines are correct of your comment , but when i read after that , it tasted bad.

        I hope to see more and more news on Belgaum and Editor will take all comments in positive way and try to improve and get better and better. As has been my daily dose of Belgaum news.

        Thanks and Regards,
        Prashant Belgaonkar

        • when we siad we will work the same way we have been working means to us the same efffort wwe have put in AAB over the years to get Belgaumites closer. readers are free to comment positively or otherwise. we just said we cant cover each and every event and I hope u all wud agree to this. we are always striving to give u the best of the information. we can get.
          hope this clarifies..
          we would love to see some great comments on issues of development as well, where we hardly get any comments.

  2. I dont know why You/Uday commenting so harsh on me…

    Last time on Facebook (Hope you remember that unfriend comment. 🙂 ) and now here…

    Hope all is well….

    I am Coming to India in december will meet you this time ..

    Tumse milke ek jaadhu ki jappi dhungaa… hope u will become cool by that…. 🙂


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