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Solar powered cart for street vendors by students

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Ten undergraduate students of Motichand Lengade Bharatesh polytechnic Belgaum have taken upon themselves the task of making business easier for Belgaum’s street vendors.

The 6th sem students following a survey on street vendors in the city that highlighted the problems faced by them, students have designed a SOLAR powered cart. The new cart incorporates facilities of cooling fan, led lights to increase the working hours of the vendor and the solar panel.solarcart

Karthik Pai, team leader who is a 6th sem Automobile stream student have created a Project Totally dedicated to the common Road side vendors. This cart may look very simple in construction but has tremendous amt of advantages. The main source of this cart is solar panel, Which Produces required electric power to charge the battery which in turn drives the motor, to give extra torque to the vendor to pull or push his cart..during steep roads.Our cart is just a model, which consists of cooling fan, led lights to increase the working hours of the vendor at nyt time ..which will increase his income too. Karthik said β€œWe got a very good response”. They also Got First prize at National level project competition for this project Ojas -“A national level Project Competition”Which was held in Maratha mandal engineering college Belgaum.

Ordinary cart costs around 5000 – 6000 whereas this cart will cost around 10000 with all the features such has solar panel,led lights, cooling fan and motor
-Solar panel will produce electricity to charge the battery, by which the motor,fan,LED would work
-If the charge remains in the battery he can use it has inverter in his house which will save his current bills.
-Indirectly it will save his income, which will increase the GDP rate of the vendors.
– According to the survey there our 2.5 % of vendors in India, so if all this crores of vendors use this. it will indirectly save the fossil fuels, electricity consumption.
-As you all know that govt provides subsidy on solar panels, so vendors say that it will be affordable for them to purchase it.

The solar panels could be changed as per the requirement of the business.
Sugarcane vendors, who say that they will save upto 5000-6000 per month if they use this. A ice-cream vendor said he will save upto 1000/- on his electricity bills
Team members-
Karthik.Pai (Team Leader), Laxman.P, Mallikarjun.T, Laxman.Y, Manjunath.H, Kiran.H, Laxmi.Y, Dadarao.P, Guruprasad.S, Kallapa.H.Β 

15 thoughts on “Solar powered cart for street vendors by students”

  1. Very good idea indeed.
    Investors from Belgaum should help these kids out. This looks like a very promising idea. May be costs can be reduced even more if a proper study is done and better and cheaper parts sourced from elsewhere.

  2. Hats off to Mr kartik and his team ! I think its first of kind in india. This will definitely help vendors. All the best to the team !! Belgaum has got real talent !!!

      • Rs. 10000 for a solar-powerd cart looks amazing. Has somebody already purchased your prototype? If not, I know someone, who will find your prototype useful and may purchase it (for another product, part of your idea may get-in).
        If you are interested, please contact me. By the way, what will be the profit margin on the cart?

        • Hello sir

          I am abhishek bhardwaj, i am a final year student of sharda university persuing bachelors in design and took specialization in product design. Right now i am working on my thesis project that is, FRUIT VENDING CARTS. I have taken this topic because after my research on vendors i found that street vendors spent 3500 to 10000 to buy a cart and they dont get any facility in that cart. So i decided to design a cart which will have all the facilities in it at the affordable prices. My cart has proper storage facility, proper lights, Shade, lockers, proper compartments to organise the goods easily etc so i just wanted share my thought what if we start to make this cart on a large scale so that we can change the whole street vending system and the vendors will also get thier lost charm back and if we make this cart on large scale so the cost of cart will be less. Please revert me back if you are intrested so that i can share more details with you.

          Thank you
          Abhishek bhardwaj

  3. Hello brother just want to tell u m a 8th sem student of product design and doing my thesis on these carts and going to redesign it and i have lots of other problems which vendors face in thier cart apart from ur problem so just want to discuss some things and want to share some thoughts ……ill be really greatfull if u help me

  4. What if vendor’s cart is under the tree where sunlight is not sufficient to charge the panel? Because every time they Cannot sit under sun directly so as to charge the panel.


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