Star Gazing Camp at Belagavi on Feb 8-9

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Wonder and awe of our universe can inspire people to find answers for deeper questions. Stargazing camp has the power to bewitch and inspire. Captain Preetham, a ship captain and sailor for over 20 years has been conducting this workshop through his organisation “Skills Beyond Education” based out of Bangalore for schools, colleges and organisations since 2016. Listening to the star stories, while you watch and know the stars and constellations can inspire you and sometimes the starlight can even lull you to sleep. He shares his personal stories of adventures, along with sailing stories, old sailor’s navigation techniques, ancient mysteries, and modern understanding of the universe.

Many tips & tricks keep coming about your way about the skies. Star-Gazing has been known to help cultivate creativity, imagination, even enhances one’s intuition and meditative. Gazing at the stars is to do with the soulful connect with larger humanity and seeking our higher purpose. At a primal level, it’s about learning to prioritize our goals or finding inspiration in our work.

This program has been specially curated to suit different learning environments and is suitable for all ages.

For the first time, this star-gazing workshop is being conducted by “Skills Beyond Education” in Belagavi at Anand Yoga, Mandoli road, Tilakwadi on 8th Feb and 9th Feb 2019 from 6pm to 6am and is an overnight workshop experience, with early morning star-walks and is a must to attend based on the feedback from their earlier events. 

Star Gazing Camp at Belagavi
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